Risk Management and Alternative Workplace

Risk Management

Although risk and opportunity go hand in hand, the knowledgeable staff at Briceland can help you assess continuously what can go wrong, determine what risks are important to deal with, and implement strategies to deal with those risks. Our experienced staff will help you to understand the limits of liability as they apply to each policyholder to comply with underlying requirements.

Commercial-Personal Claims Department

Your satisfaction with the processing and settlement of your claim is Briceland’s top priority. We are committed to assisting you in reporting your claim to the company. Your role in the process begins with a prompt reporting of all claims to your agency. Immediately, your call is routed to an insurance professional who will gather the necessary information, prepare the loss report, and set up the claim with the company.

Our knowledgeable personnel are here to answer your questions and work as a team with you and the company to achieve effective, prompt settlement of your loss.

Loss Control Services

A loss control program is an innovative approach to reducing the potential for property damage, employee injuries or other such losses in your business. By implementing a well-designed program, your business can enhance corporate productivity while offering customers and employees a safer environment and contribute to the profitability of your company. Let a Briceland representative analyze and suggest ways to reduce the potential for losses in your business.

Alternative Marketplace

The Briceland Agency helps businesses reduce their workers compensation costs through alternative programs. These superior products provide cost-effective alternatives and quality protection for employees. Call a Briceland Agency representative to explore with you the future trend of workers compensation insurance.


Captives allow companies the opportunity to create their own insurance subsidiary by providing an alternative market solution to solve challenging insurance needs in an uncertain world. A captive is designed for a company that is looking for the greatest amount of protection, at the least amount of cost and effort.

Potential benefits exist by forming or participating in a captive insurance company such as extended coverage for unusual or uninsurable exposures, cost savings, earned investment income, access to reinsurance markets, risk control services and tax benefits.

Let a representative from the Briceland Agency explore with you whether a captive is the suitable choice of coverage for your company.

Safety Groups/Workers Compensation Trusts

Skyrocketing workers compensation rates have caused businesses to seek a cost-effective alternative to current compensation plans. By establishing a Group Self Insurance Trust, a company can significantly reduce these escalating rates. Briceland can help you assess whether to join one of our existing programs or work with your association to establish your own self-insured group.

Other benefits derived from establishing a Group Self Insurance Trust include profits being returned to members or reinvested in dividends, aggressive claims handling to return injured employees back on the job earlier, professional risk management to identify and implement safety policies and procedures, and on-going loss control services to analyze and share loss trends with our members.

The dedicated professionals at Briceland will help you find the self-insurance advantage.


We look forward to hearing from you.